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The Centre for Novel Computing

Welcome to the CNC

The CNC is an interdisciplinary research group which was established in 1990 and is based in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. We form part of the School's Software Systems Group. Our research is application-motivated with a mission to investigate techniques, and develop associated tools, for support of high performance computing with a focus on shared parallel resources.


Our research is in the areas of parallelisation and performance tuning of performance-critical applications (performance engineering) and the flexible composition and deployment of coupled models.


The CNC is developing the Bespoke Framework Generator (BFG) Coupling System.

Current Projects

GUNG HO! The UM Dynamical Core project (Met Office/NERC-funded). The original meaning of 'Gung-ho' derives from the Chinese for 'working together harmoniously'
ERMITAGE Enhancing robustness and model integration for the assessment of global environmental change (EU FP7)
METAFOR Defining metadata to describe climate data and the models that produce it (EU FP7)
ISENES Developing infrastructure for European Earth System Models (EU FP7)
FLUME The Met Office's Next Generation Software Infrastructure 


The CNC holds a seminar on Tuesday lunchtimes. Details of forthcoming seminars are updated regularly.


CNC members have consulted for several clients, including: Fujitsu, Dell, The Met Office, Sharc and Atmos International. If you are interested in our consultancy services please contact us.

MSc courses

CNC staff teach on two MSc courses:


  • Feb 2011 Gung Ho!, the UM New Dynamics project commences (Met Office/NERC)
  • Dec 2010 ERMITAGE EU project commences
  • Dec 2009 OMII proposal "Enhancing CIAS" is funded
  • Aug 2009 CNC receives best paper award
  • Apr 2009 The Met Office become an industrial partner
  • Mar 2009 ISENES EU project is funded